7 Tips To Explode Your Dropshipping Profits on Valentine’s Day 2023

According to Statista, that is how much people are reported to spend on the upcoming Valentine’s Day products in 2023. “This is an increase of about two billion dollars from 2022”, the site says. Not to mention, after Black Friday and Christmas holidays, this day is considered the most important occasion in the US, making it that much more of an amazing opportunity for ecommerce and dropshipping business owners.

We’ve already covered a plethora of GREAT Valentine’s Day gift ideas, as well as some of the cutest products to dropship on the market.. We’ve also discussed lots of statistics and history about Valentine in general, to help you understand what products would suit the occasion.

But what about the strategies to actually make those sales?

Winning Tactics To Maximize Your Earnings On Valentine’s Day

Getting the best conversion rate on your ads and marketing efforts is very much necessary, which is why in this article we’re going to go over 7 ways you can increase your dropshipping profits on Valentine’s Day 2023.


No extras, no boredom. You’ll get genuine tips that can help you optimize your store for this season if implemented correctly. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Website Optimization

First impressions mean everything when it comes to Dropshipping. The customer shouldn’t have a hard time finding what they want on your site, or feel like the check out process is too slow, inconvenient, or confusing.


Think about it, if you go to a brick-and-mortar store and all the products are unorganized or cluttered, will you stick around to browse? If the shop looks unattractive, will you even go inside… ? Convenience, speed, and looks are your top priorities. 


If your website is buggy, difficult to navigate, unattractive, unresponsive or inconvenient by any means; customers will bounce (i.e, leave and never come back). 


To avoid these problems, make sure you select a good Ecommerce platform to set up your online store with. Our best choice is, of course, Shopify due to numerous reasons, but you can always try others such as Wix, Squarespace or even Ecwid that offer some unique features.


Ecommerce Platforms such as these will allow you to get your store up and running within minutes, with dedicated themes, plugins and settings all already in place for you. Themes and plug-ins do pretty much all the “organizing” and “aesthetics” work for you.


We recommend going ahead and getting the best hosting providers, like Bluehost or Hostinger, so your website loads as fast and smoothly as possible (and doesn’t crash for any reason either).  

PRO TIP: Upload images in webp format rather than jpeg or png, as this will increase your website loading speed. You can also use “embedded” videos rather than uploading it to your site itself. This especially helps dropshipping and Ecommerce websites, as they have lots of products and hence, lots of photos and videos. 

2. Catching Emails

(A fine example of how to build an email list, Credits:

Now this is something most dropshipping store owners never take advantage of, so if you utilize emails and build an email list this Valentine’s; you’ll get the upper hand on competition. 


Email lists help bring recurring clients and revenue, building your authority as a brand and establishing a  relationship with your  customers. One sneaky way to grow your list is by offering a “discount/offer” pop-up to anyone that visits your site. Basically, give them something in return for sharing their email and opting in to your subscriber list. 


Here’s an example of what an email-catching discount Popup could say: “Psst, want an exclusive 20% off coupon? Let us send it to you!”. The customer will be given an option to enter their email, or click a “No thanks” option (you can get creative with this and customize it, for example “No thanks, I don’t like discounts” or “Sorry, I Hate Discounts”). 


We recommend checking out “SMS bump” by Yotpo to up your email marketing game on Shopify. You can also learn how to manage lists thanks to Shopify’s guide. You can share anything from content to news, deals, coupons and discounts with your opt-in email list. 


Just don’t spam or get crazy with cold emails! 

3. Ad Optimization

“Optimization” is key to increasing and maintaining performance level, as best as possible, of practically anything and everything. You can optimize your website, store, content, branding and of course — your marketing efforts.

Ad optimization comes in the form of many ways, but some of the most prominent methods to tweak your ads are:


  • Enticing Ad Copies

Different ad copies work best for different audiences and products. Adespresso did an entire experiment on this!  Basically, if your product is well understood, it needs a line or two of ad copy (jewelry, watches, clothes, etc.). But if your product is a bit more sophisticated, like a massager, then it needs at least a paragraph to explain the benefits of the product and convey a solution to people’s problems. Additionally, it’s best to test out multiple different ad copies and then prioritize the ones that are working best.


  • Thumb-Stopping Ad Content

Your Ad content can range from a simple still photo, to a Tiktok video or even a full-on commercial. These days, TikTok themed ads work best for dropshipping. People prefer watching a 30s – 1 minute video of a product in action (product demonstration) as compared to reading copies or watching commercials. Once again, we recommend trying different types and twists on your content to figure out what works best for your audience and your niche. Ideally, prioritize videos over still images. For Valentine’s Day, you can go with the theme of love in your content. 


  • A/B Testing

A/B testing (split testing) is basically an experiment where two or more versions of an ad, marketing email, or landing page are shown to users at random, and then different statistical analysis methods are used to determine which one drives more conversions. A/B testing is as simple as running two or more ad sets or campaigns with different ad copy, content, target audience, or even all three (mix and match to see which combination works best). Doing this allows you to increase user engagement and conversion rates, minimize risk and bounce rates, as well as help you make better content. Running an A/B test can have a significant positive impact on your site and ad performance.


  • Budget Allocation Based on KPIs

Budget is allocated to each campaign/ad group once the data is sufficient enough to make data driven decisions. This is done in order to optimize spending towards what’s working best, and prioritize it accordingly. Usually the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of a campaign are: 

  1. Cost Per Conversion
  2. Average Cost Per Click 
  3. Click Through Rate

The campaign with the best of these metrics enjoys a higher budget to bring the best results at the lowest cost possible. 


  • Retargeting

Never underestimate the power of reaching back the customers who left after seeing your product, because these people hold the highest potential for future conversion. The bottom of the sales funnel is the most critical stage in terms of targeting the RIGHT audience at the right time. Re-targeting, in simple terms, means reaching those people who have interacted with your products/business in the past by means of your website or your social media page. Facebook Pixel and Google’s retargeting tag (in their ad manager) come in  handy here. The pixel/tag identifies users through their cookies and uses the info to show them the ads later on. Furthermore, in the case of Facebook, internal sources like: post/video viewers also serve as the basis for running retargeting campaigns

4. Post Romantic Content

You don’t have to write long articles or create long videos for Valentine’s, but simply creating a few posts and publishing them leading up to the occasion can be good enough. Post Valentine’s themed content on your Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to remind people of the occasion and give them some product ideas to buy for their loved ones. 


A simple post such as “Tag a friend who would love this necklace” could drive some engagement. Or a post about Valentine’s history, or some wise quote about the occasion (it doesn’t necessarily have to be salesy either). You can also tell a story or two regarding Valentine’s if you want. 


Just mix up your posts and don’t make 100% of them directed towards sales. Posting “helpful” content can also be a great way to boost engagement. For example, a 4-image Instagram post on “How to ask out your crush in 3 easy steps”. 


Don’t be afraid to get a little goofy and creative!

5. Optimize Customer Support

Your dropshipping store can have everything: great products, great website, great marketing, great budget and so on… but if it lacks great customer support; it’ll fall apart.


Customer support is the backbone of any business. If someone buys a product from your store, especially for the first time, they will almost always have questions and be skeptical . Your “job” as an entrepreneur is to drive that skepticism and doubt away, and make the customer feel super comfortable when shopping with you. How do you do that? Great customer support! 


Offer parcel tracking with estimated delivery time as a starter. Next, you can add FAQs underneath each product or better yet, a “chat” or contact button. This way, if a prospect has a question or two about your product, they can directly talk to you. People feel more comfortable knowing that they’re buying from another person and not just some random website. Answering questions, offering parcel tracking and having a good return and exchange policy in place are great ways to ensure a smooth customer experience. 


Additionally, if you can discuss with your supplier in advance regarding product quality assurance with safe, fast shipping; then your customer experience will be even more amazing. That way, it’s very unlikely that any customer will have complaints regarding their experience. 

6. Offer Deals & Discounts

(Create urgency for your Valentine’s day dropshipping products on sale. Credits:

The psychology behind discounts, deals, coupons, free shipping and practically anything that has to do with “saving money” (or the illusion of it) almost always works wonderfully! Occasions like Valentine’s day give you an excuse to create urgency for the customers and sell more products than on regular days, as they see it as a “rare opportunity”. 


People like to save money, it’s that simple. If a product is relatively expensive (and just as useful), people will want a discount on it. Discounts with countdown timers create an “urgency” in the eyes of the customer and trigger their “Fear Of Missing Out” response. If you set some dropshipping products at a limited time discount on Valentine’s day, and showcase the time running out clearly and explicitly; it’ll increase your conversion rates. You can also go ahead and let prospects know how many items are left in stock before they run out. These tactics will push them to make their purchase as fast as possible, otherwise they risk missing out. 


You can bundle deals, offer discounts or even offer exclusive coupon codes to the first 100 people, or selective people who’ll receive the code in their email (super sneaky way to have them opt-in to your list).

PRO TIP: For Valentine’s, you can send your customers their products in customized packaging as well, or with unique cards and “free gifts” along with their main purchase. Once again, don’t be afraid to get creative and wholesome! Surprise your customers in ways they’ll love.

7. Use Small Influencers

(Find all sorts of TikTok influencers through Adserea’s TikTok spy tool. Credits:

Our last strategy on the list is influencer marketing. While bigger Influencers demand multiple thousands or hundreds of thousands to market your products; smaller Influencers will generally take a few hundred.


One way to find such Influencers is by using Adserea’s Tiktok Spy tool. Simply enter the keyword, set your search criteria/filters and hit go. Adserea’s intuitive AI will find you lots of trending Tiktoks which you can then use to get in touch with many influencers, check out their content and secure a partnership.


Influencer marketing works because it  showcases an “authentic” and “genuine” image of your product in action. Tiktok users can demonstrate your product in their day-to-day lives and show the product’s problem-solving capabilities firsthand. These make their reviews seem more genuine and honest rather than high-end commercials from companies that people naturally distrust because of their wild claims. 


We recommend starting with 2-3 influencers with 5-10K followers. Of course, you need to choose an influencer that complements your dropshipping niche (for example, if you sell footwear you can get in touch with a fitness enthusiast or an athlete). 


You can also try going with Instagram Influencers, but remember that TikTok is hot right now!


That’s a wrap! Utilize these 7 strategies effectively and your dropshipping store will be ready for not just Valentine’s, but practically any other normal day as well. These tips are to get you on the right path and stay on it for as long as your business is running, so you don’t just have to follow them once and then forget all about them.


In essence, here’s the bottom line: The more you give, the more you get. If you make it about the customers, the customers will make it about you in return. Keep in mind that creativity and flexibility are things you’ll need to exercise yourself. Those are soft skills that you develop only by doing, so don’t stress out if a thing or two doesn’t go as well as planned. 


And now that you know how to optimize your dropshipping store for massive success on Valentine’s day 2023 and beyond, here’s a little gift from us to automate your store and enjoy all the time in the world with loving friends, family and everything you find pleasure in doing.


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We also add 2 FRESH brand new winning products daily in various niches!


Adserea even offers you some amazing Spy tools and A.I Analyzers that you can use to copy or take inspiration from the best, most popular stores across the web. This gives you a proper roadmap to follow in order to scale and sustain your business by simply mimicking what works. In a nutshell, you won’t have to beat around the bush and waste time figuring things out all by yourself.


This is the secret platform that the top dropshippers in the world don’t want you to know about, but we’re spilling all their secrets for you to start benefiting today. So what do you say? 


No risk, no sweat. 


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Summary: Dropshipping and E-commerce: 7 Key Differences You Should Know


Strategy #1: Website Optimization 

Strategy #2: Catching Emails

Strategy #3: Ad Optimization

Strategy #4: Post Romantic Content

Strategy #5: Optimize Customer Support

Strategy #6: Offer Deals & Discounts

Strategy #7: Use Small Influencers


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