12 Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Dropshipping Sales

Opening a store and even having a wonderful product is not sufficient enough for a successful dropshipping business. Because online stores require attention just like physical ones do, using the right marketing techniques to create drop shipping sales is essential to the success of your business.

Table of Contents:

1. Establish a customer engagement strategy.

Even if your investment in the logistics side of a dropshipping scheme is small, if you can’t draw in clients, your firm will be meaningless. Customer attraction is the first step, just like in a digital marketing approach.

The design and content should attract Internet consumers to learn more about the goods you sell, convey security and trust by incorporating lucid wording, and provide contact information. Additionally, given that many product inquiries and online purchases are currently performed from mobile devices, you should make sure that your website’s design is responsive. Be sure to plan out every step of your digital marketing funnel.

2. Employ search engine optimization

This method of advertising, sometimes more commonly referred to as “SEO”, enables natural referencing specialists to affect the search engine results of search engines (like Google) so that your online store is positioned on the first page in relation to the keywords utilized. Good placement will depend on a variety of factors, including the level of competition for the selected keywords, according to its algorithm. Therefore, if you want to boost your dropshipping sales, you must create an SEO plan for your store.

Natural referencing is still a powerful tactic that produces the best outcomes for your dropshipping online store. But since it takes 6 to 12 months before you see the benefits, you must be diligent and patient.

SEO is still a crucial component that shouldn’t be ignored, whether you pick a short-term or long-term marketing development strategy. Otherwise, your sales will stop growing

3. Make your product descriptions unique.

Post more than the standard and, on occasion, unique product descriptions. Learn how to make duplicate product descriptions more search engine-friendly. Use informative and inspiring content to highlight your products and encourage customers to buy them. particularly if you are using a variety of expensive goods!

4. Create a blog

Use a blog as a content marketing approach so that others can find your store via structured information. You can create formative material such as guides, tutorials, facts, manuals, suggestions, advice, and any other approach to educate your audience about aspects connected to your industry. You can also create content that appeals to people’s emotions, which helps to form a strong bond between the customers and your brand.

5. Reach potential customers by email.

Email is one of the most efficient ways to connect and engage with clients and future prospects.

Customers will have the option to periodically get news/bulletins from you in which you can inform them of the most recent promotions on your website, remind them of the things they liked, or send them materials such as an added bonus. To maximize your email distribution, be sure to research the ideal time to send an email blast.

6. Be active on YouTube

If you are not familiar with video, it could be challenging to get in front of the camera. In the beginning, it can even take a while. The fact that more than 80% of internet users utilize social media should nonetheless be known from the beginning — it can even take a while. Furthermore, visual content frequently has a greater engagement rate. And even more impressive, 80% of people who said they watched a YouTube video about a product they wanted to buy indicated they did so early in the process. These figures demonstrate that, despite being underutilized in e-commerce, video marketing is still a successful tactic.

You can make tutorials pertaining to your line of work, in order to provide excellent content on YouTube and “sell without selling.” Don’t be afraid to reuse your writing, advertise your goods, and self-promote. Making an online store seem more genuine is a massive benefit.

7. Recover abandoned shopping carts

Learning how to convert abandoned shopping carts into drop shipping sales is highly advised. Cart abandonment can be brought about by various things. When there are too many steps required before they can submit their credit card information and complete their order, for instance, some internet users lose interest in making the purchase at all. 


Others are hesitant to place their order when they don’t have enough knowledge about the business, product quality, the delivery details, if their preferred payment option isn’t offered, or if the shipping fees or taxes are too expensive.


A buyer’s interest in a product can turn into a real sale if there is a lot of information about it and more than one way to pay for it. Never downplay the importance of cart abandonment notifications. More than $1 million in earnings, ROI on marketing expenditures of 10:1, A rise in sales for Black Friday of 81 percent… These are but a few outcomes that Shopify Plus stores are attaining with the use of SMS and push notifications for abandoned carts.

8. Create a LinkedIn profile

By doing so, you’ll be able to connect with others working in the field and organizations that share your interests. Additionally, this may enable you to obtain recommendations from both past clients and collaborators. Similar to the last example, this medium is perfect if you need to connect with others in order to obtain support so that your business can keep expanding.

9. Use paid advertisement

A long-term approach to enhancing dropshipping sales is an SEO plan, as you may have read above. Content creation is therefore an essential task, whereas paid advertising is more of a push to increase traffic rapidly. Advertising on social networks (TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube)  may get very pricey.


The issue is that in order to stand out from the competition, you must do effective advertising. You can work with a copywriter or an AdWords campaign consultant if you’d like professional assistance. In reality, it’s a full-time job that requires analysis of a variety of factors, including conversion rate, cost per click, cost of obtaining a customer, and even targeting of the typical customer.

10. Upsells: upgrading the average basket's value and capacity

Getting clients to add more items to their cart is another way to enhance dropshipping sales. These solutions are typically integrated into your online business automatically with keywords like “Related products” or “These products may also interest you.” Also to be noted is the fact that it is ideal not to send the customer straight to the checkout page after adding something to the cart, to enhance the number of online purchases. To increase sales, consider the following information:

  • Cross-selling: presenting similar or equivalent products
  • Increasing the price (upselling): When a customer is choosing a product, you could suggest that they compare its features to those of a more expensive option that has more benefits
  • Free delivery after spending a particular amount: You provide free delivery after spending $100 or more. The customer’s cart contains items worth a total of $80. What will he do next?
  • Gift-wrapping or a membership card are two examples of optional offers (order bumps).

11. Make sure that your customers return.

The cost of obtaining a new customer is substantially higher than the expense of luring them back; This is no longer a secret. Once you’ve persuaded someone that they need your goods or services, getting them to buy more won’t be difficult. How can dropshipping increase sales and client retention? Here are some ideas to keep people keep visiting your website:

  • Make your own brand: Purchasing a product with private labeling or customized packaging will pay off in the long run. search for dropshipping vendors who can assist in producing your own packaging or private-label products;
  • Start making a newsletter to let people know about your latest blog posts and store news;
  • Animate your social media accounts: A helpful Facebook post can increase visitors to your website, enhance the visibility of your business, and persuade a few clients to purchase from you again. The customer somehow doesn’t forget you.
  • Present a gift: A gift is important in business as it is in any personal interaction, whether it is tangible or digital, merely promotional or not. It establishes a mutually beneficial relationship and demonstrates your appreciation for your client. If you want suggestions, choose a practical everyday gift that won’t wind up in the garbage or a closet;
  • Send out promos and exclusive deals to increase sales on a low-traffic product.

You should be aware that boosting your dropshipping sales requires sustained effort. There is no one solution to the dropshipping problem. You’ll need to test frequently until you find the key to success. You can enhance sales in your dropshipping store by using these 12 marketing techniques. You cannot, however, ignore another aspect, such as the requirement that you “humanize” your brand.

This could be done by showing your audience that people with first and last names work daily to satisfy customers behind the scenes of your company. Don’t forget to display pictures and let them get to know you and your personnel. You may boost your dropshipping sales by putting these suggestions into practice and humanizing your business.

12. Last Advice before you leave...

The quality of the goods that are supplied to your customers should be your final concern. You must locate a supplier who can ensure high-quality products and prompt delivery times if you want to prevent returns and ensure that your customers keep coming back to your store to make more purchases.

We’ll take care of everything else while you focus on marketing your goods:

  • Find the top suppliers for your products at B2B prices.;
  • A web application that can assist you in automating your dropshipping operation;
  • Plan the quick shipment of the items to your customers on your part.;
  • Offer you after-sale assistance.

Among the many services we may offer you, these are just a few.


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